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Christian Home Educators of Kentucky (CHEK) is a statewide homeschooling educational and informational organization established to assist families who choose to educate their children according to the dictates of their conscience and their fundamental rights as parents. CHEK's goal is to better equip home schoolers with the necessary skills, tools, and information to successfully fulfill their convictions and the God-mandated responsibility to train and educate their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


Legislative Action: Update on HB58

The purpose of CHEK has always been to preserve the freedom of private home educators as well as parental rights in  Kentucky .  

CHEK opposed HB 58 in its original language and is very thankful the sponsor of the bill heard our concerns and amended the language to protect our private school status and to specify records request. We have moved back to a neutral position, with the new language, as the private schools community remains divided over this legislation. 

New Language: 

"Homeschool" which is not defined in  Kentucky  law, as we are a private school state was amended to "Private school at home".

 "Adhere to the same academic standards as other participants verified by submission of quarterly scholarship reports provided to the public school offering the extracurricular activity in which the student will participate"

You can view the debate of this bill here.  Coverage of this bill begins in Part 2 at the 36:00 mark and continues through Part 3.  We are grateful to Representative Lee and Representative Moore for their staunch support and defense of families that choose to educate privately in their homes.

Because the vote on this bill will be very close, we highly encourage you leave a message for your Senator by calling the legislative message line.  Let your position be heard.  The number is 1-800-372-7181.



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