Kentucky Laws and Forms

Homeschooling In Kentucky (A Legal Analysis)

Sample Letter of Notification.doc
We have provided a sample letter of notification that you may use to send to your local Director of Pupil Personnel/Superintendent.

Best Practice Document 
  I. Background Information
   A. Task Force
   B. Rights of Parents/Guardians to Home School
      Their Children
   C. Home School Requirements
   D. Role of the Director of Pupil Personnel
   E. Commentary on the Law and Its Application
      from the Home School Perspective
II. Best Practice Approach to Home School
  III. Appendix 
   A. Home School Resources
   B. Sample Documents
   C. Special Topics
August 21, 1997 Revised November 14, 2000

No Pass / No Drive
  1. Compliance Letter & Form [pdf]
  2. Statutes [
KRS 159.051] [KAR 13.070]

2012 Public School Graduation Requirements

We have provided these resources for informational purposes only.

  1. Course / Credit List [pdf]
  2. Statutes [



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